What is wasteland.zz.de?

wasteland.rfc822.org is an anonymous, receive only webmailer. It can be used to redirect all these anoying registration and newsletter mails to a mail waste dump.

How long to you keep the mails?

There is currently no expiration process in place although it can be done easily

Can i set a password on MY mailbox?

I am sorry no. There is no point in setting a password on a garbage can. If you need privacy look out for the commercial available webmail providers like gmail or yahoo.

Can i have a mail forward for my inbox?

No i am sorry. wasteland provides public mailboxes withour prior registration. So anyone could decide to use yourname@wasteland.rfc822.org and later discover that his waste mails got forwarded to you.

Who should i contact in case of problems, feature requests?

Try sending an email to Florian Lohoff <f@zz.de>.

What are alternates to wasteland?